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About Us

Why the name Barefoot Kisses?

I am not country but being Barefoot is my thing for some reason I do not like shoes or socks I am usually always barefoot!  I don't allow shoes in my house and I feel so bad wearing shoes in other people's homes.  The Kisses is because I love the way kisses make me feel, like a forehead kiss or a cheek kiss from a special person!

What made you start a spice business?

Barefoot kisses was created from a hobby of mine! I have a whole Instagram page where I post what I have cooked/created.  I love to cook and being in the kitchen which makes me so happy! So I created my own flavors and started making things happen for me by me.  But let me just say all my spice blends and seasonings are salt-free, did I say that?!



What is imperative for others to know about my product(s)?

That each item is handmade, every time there is not any bulk or shelf waiting for people to order. Each item is made with love and carefully created with precise flavors.  I pride myself on identifying and offering Natural & sometimes organic products.  It is important to me to create salt free or low sodium products. This is solely due to the health concerns within my community such as blood pressure, heart issues, kidney disease, headaches, stroke or stomach cancer. 


How do you want to empower your customers?

I want all my customers to feel like they can cook a meal for whoever, whenever and it will have some bomb ass flavor! My customers will become family because we in this together and that's on PERIODT.


I’m new to this whole cooking thing, are your spices right for me or only for the experienced that know what they’re doing? How would I get started?

This is for cooks on all levels! I've created flavors that pair well with just about anything and it helps to alleviate the anxiety of making sure you have the right spices, herbs or seasonings in your pantry.  I would say look at the ingredients in each spice to see what flavors you normally like and start there, do not be intimated by cooking it is so much fun!